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Unbeatable All-Inclusive Care for Kids in Viveash

At Djinda Dreaming Viveash, we offer all-inclusive vacation care that takes care of every child’s needs and gives parents peace of mind. No hidden costs, just transparent and comprehensive care.
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Unrivalled Benefits Of Our Vacation Care

Cultural Exploration

With our unique cultural curriculum, children enjoy a journey through Indigenous heritage, fostering respect and inclusivity.

Engaging Activities

Our all-inclusive program ensures your child experiences a variety of activities, from creative arts to nature play, with no additional costs.

Complete Peace of Mind

Enjoy the tranquillity of knowing your children are in safe hands with our experienced educators and comprehensive care approach.

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Transform Your Child's Experience with Viveash Vacation Care

At Djinda Dreaming in Viveash, we provide more than just supervision for your children. We are their mentors, guides, and champions, offering nutritious meals, cultural learning, and unwavering support for their holistic growth.
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Discover the Ultimate Vacation Care Solution in Viveash

Discover the perfect Vacation Care solution at Djinda Dreaming in Viveash. We offer complimentary play day trials and empowering programs to support your child’s growth and development. Let us be your partner in nurturing their bright future.

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Vacation Care Crafted for Every Child

Djinda Dreaming’s Vacation Care offers a unique experience that encapsulates the essence of Perth’s vibrant culture and the spirit of childhood wonder.

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Here’s What Happy Clients Say

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Your Journey to Peace of Mind

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Why Choose Djinda Dreaming

We’re not just a childcare service; we’re a cornerstone of community and cultural understanding.

Our Community Building Strong Foundations Together

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FAQs About Our Vacation Care

Our school holiday program offers a rich tapestry of activities, thoughtfully curated to engage children of various interests and ages. This includes a vibrant selection of arts and crafts to spark creativity, a series of outdoor adventures to promote physical health and a love of nature, immersive cultural workshops to broaden understanding, a variety of sports to foster teamwork and individual skill development, and interactive team games designed to enhance social skills and provide fun learning experiences.

In our vacation care, the well-being of every child is paramount, which is why our expert chefs are committed to preparing wholesome, balanced meals that cater to a range of dietary needs. Whether it be allergies, intolerances, or dietary preferences, we guarantee that the meals provided are not only nutritious and delicious but also adhere strictly to the dietary restrictions of each child, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all.

We have established rigorous safety protocols to ensure that each child is secure and well-cared for during their time with us. Our facilities are fortified with robust security systems, staff are thoroughly vetted and receive extensive training, and we utilise KaGo’s secure transport services, which offer live tracking for peace of mind. Additionally, we offer personalised support for children who may require extra attention to ensure their safety and comfort.

We openly welcome and encourage parents to arrange a visit to our vacation care to personally experience the warm, nurturing environment we have crafted. Observing our dynamic programs in full swing and interacting with our dedicated team members can provide invaluable insights and reassurance about the quality care and enriching experiences their child will receive.

Our carefully designed cultural curriculum is an essential component that enriches children’s appreciation and understanding of Indigenous Australian cultures. It fosters a spirit of respect and inclusivity through a blend of storytelling, traditional art, and shared activities. Such engagement offers children profound life lessons and a deeper connection with the land and its original custodians.

Djinda Dreaming distinguishes itself with over twenty years dedicated to supporting families and championing cultural inclusivity. Our commitment is reflected in the all-encompassing service we provide, addressing every facet of child care from educational enrichment to nutritional needs and secure transportation. It’s our holistic approach and unwavering dedication to excellence that truly sets us apart.

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Choose Djinda Dreaming for a vacation care experience that’s more than just childcare. Enriching, educational, and enjoyable, we invite you to become part of a community that values your child’s growth and happiness.

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