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Childcare Services

A home away from home, our full-day childcare service is designed to engage and inspire the youngest of minds in a nurturing environment brimming with activities.

Before & After School Care

Safety and fun go hand in hand in our before and after school care program, ensuring your peace of mind with convenient school pickups and drop-offs.

Vacation Care

Our vacation care is a burst of creative energy and fun, perfect for holiday time, designed for children aged 4 to 12 years.

Transport Services

Partnered with KaGo, we offer a safe and reliable transport service with live tracking for your ultimate convenience and reassurance.

Quinns Rocks CHILD CARE

All-Inclusive Care for Every Child

Many centres claim to be all-inclusive, but at Djinda Dreaming, we walk the talk. Say goodbye to unexpected fees and hello to comprehensive care that covers everything from educational programs to nutritious, allergy-friendly meals, and cultural learning — all within one simple pricing structure.

Quinns Rocks Child Care All Inclusive Care For Every Child
Childcare Centre Quinns Rocks Comprehensive Childcare And Community Support Djinda Dreaming


Comprehensive Childcare and Community Support

Djinda Dreaming offers a holistic approach to childcare. Our services are designed to nurture not just the child, but also to support the family as a whole, providing educational, emotional, and practical assistance every step of the way.


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Join The Djinda Dreaming family with an easy, supportive enrolment process tailored to your family's needs.


Why Choose Djinda Dreaming

We’re not just a childcare service; we’re a cornerstone of community and cultural understanding.

Family Childcare Quinns Rocks Why Choose Djinda Dreaming

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Enquire now or arrange a tour to start your Djinda Dreaming journey.

Casual Childcare Quinns Rocks Our Childcare Commitment

Casual CHILDCARE Quinns Rocks

Our Childcare Commitment

Djinda Dreaming is steadfast in its role as more than just a childcare provider. Embedded in the community, we honour Indigenous culture and are dedicated to fostering a safe, high-quality, and nurturing environment where every family feels supported and valued.

Vacation Care Quinns Rocks

Adventure and Discovery Await

Our vacation care programs are filled with adventure, learning, and laughter, making every school holiday a time of excitement and discovery for your child.

Vacation Care Quinns Rocks Adventure And Discovery Await
Transport Service Our Convenient Pick Up and Drop Off Transport Service

transport service QUINNS ROCKs

Convenient Pick Up & Drop Off Service

We understand your busy schedules. That’s why we’ve partnered with KaGo for a reliable transport service featuring home pick-ups and drop-offs with live tracking for ultimate peace of mind.

QUINNS ROCKs After School Care

Before & After School Care That Cares

Our before and after school care programs are about more than just supervision. They’re about engaging your child in fun and learning, ensuring they’re looked after and enriched, even beyond school hours.

Before and After School Care That Cares Djinda Dreaming

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Next Steps with Djinda Dreaming

We’re eager to welcome your family to Djinda Dreaming. Join us for a play day trial, experience our engaging programs, and see first-hand how we can support and enrich your child’s life.

Daycare Centres Quinns Rocks Next Steps with Djinda Dreaming

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