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Experience the Difference with Djinda Dreaming

Djinda Dreaming is a unique childcare sanctuary in Perth, combining cultural wisdom with nurturing care. Our holistic approach to early learning fosters children’s growth and community connections, distinguishing us from others.

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Daycare Centres Perth Why Choose Djinda Dreaming

Services that We Provide

Childcare Services

A home away from home, offering full-day childcare that combines play, learning, and cultural education in a nurturing environment.

Before & After School Care

Reliable and fun care for your little ones, including safe school pick-ups and drop-offs, ensuring a seamless day for busy parents.

Vacation Care

Exciting, engaging holiday programs that keep your child entertained, educated, and engaged.

Transport Services

Convenient home pick-up and drop-off services making daily routines smoother for your family.

Why Choose Djinda Dreaming

We’re not just a childcare service; we’re a cornerstone of community and cultural understanding.

Daycare Centres Perth Why Choose Djinda Dreaming


Next Steps with Djinda Dreaming

Embarking on your journey with Djinda Dreaming is an investment in your child’s future. We invite you to book a complimentary Play Day Trial, visit our conveniently located centres across Perth, and become a part of a community that values growth, development, and Indigenous heritage.

Daycare Centres Perth Next Steps with Djinda Dreaming

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