Empowering Futures in Childcare and Community Support

At Djinda Dreaming, we’re not just a childcare centre; we’re a comprehensive family support system, passionately serving children aged 0 – 12 years. Join us and be part of a culturally inclusive community, enriching lives and fostering growth.

Daycare Centres Perth Embracing Our Culturally Inclusive Approach

Why Join Djinda Dreaming?

A Legacy of Inclusive and Holistic Childcare

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Our Unique Approach

Creating a Nurturing & Inclusive Environment

At Djinda Dreaming, we pride ourselves on offering all-inclusive, culturally respectful, and nature-based learning. Our commitment is to not only educate but to also instill values of respect and inclusivity.

Role Opportunities At
Djinda Dreaming

  1. Director – Lead and shape the future of our inclusive childcare services.
  2. Assistant Director – Assist in managing and enhancing our vibrant childcare environment.
  3. Administration – Keep our centre running smoothly, supporting staff and families alike.
  4. Qualified Educator – Provide nurturing and educational experiences to children of various ages.
  5. Assistant Educator – Support our educators in creating enriching learning environments.
  6. Traineeship – Begin your journey in childcare with practical learning and development.
  7. Driver – Play a crucial role in safely transporting our children.
Daycare Centres Perth Next Steps with Djinda Dreaming

How to Join Us

Ready to make a meaningful impact?

We invite passionate and dedicated individuals to express their interest in joining the Djinda Dreaming family.

Djinda Dreaming is more than a job, it’s a commitment to a community, to a culture, and to the future of our children. Join us in shaping a better tomorrow.

Childcare Centre Perth More Than Just Childcare Centre