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Empowering Children with a Community Embrace at Djinda Dreaming

At Djinda Dreaming, we offer more than just childcare—we provide a nurturing village of support for your family. With a deep commitment to cultural respect and community care, we stand as a beacon of inclusive education in Western Australia.

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Daycare Centres Perth Embracing Our Culturally Inclusive Approach

Meet Jane Chambers
The Heart Behind Djinda Dreaming Education

My name is Jane Chambers, and my husband Ben and I are the owners of Djinda Dreaming Education. I’ve been operating childcare services for 21 years in the South West and Perth Metro areas. Ben is a proud Kalkadoon man from Mt Isa, QLD, and together we share our culture with our children, friends, family, and community. Our seven children, including five of our own and two foster children, are of Kalkadoon descent and were born and raised on Whadjuk Noongar land.

We understand the importance of having a strong support network within the community ♥️💛🖤. Our vision is to provide every child with a safe and supportive environment, immersed in culture, and to build strong community connections. This is where our transport service comes in, offering additional support to families and children who might otherwise struggle to access care and connection.

We also extend employment opportunities to individuals who have experienced domestic violence, have been in foster care, or simply need a supportive community to help them up-skill after being out of the workforce for many years. Our goal is to make a difference not only to the children in our care but also to our team and the broader community.

I am truly excited to create a loving and supportive environment for our team, children, and community. We have been recognised and have won awards for making a difference in our community, and I am thrilled to extend our vision and level of support to more children and families.

I look forward to meeting you all and having a yarn.

Lots of love,

Jane Chambers


Discover the Heart of Inclusive Childcare

Djinda Dreaming is a haven where children from 0 to 12 years thrive in a culturally rich, supportive environment. Our 21 years of experience in the field, catering to over 1500 families through 11 bespoke services, is a testament to our dedication. We are not just a childcare provider; we are a cornerstone of the community, offering all-encompassing support and celebrating the vibrancy of Indigenous Australian heritage within our curriculum.

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Nurturing Every Child's Dream

Our pledge is rooted in a holistic approach to childcare. At Djinda Dreaming, we commit to a service that goes beyond the basics. We offer a comprehensive suite of amenities to ensure your child’s wellbeing and development, while also respecting and integrating Indigenous values and teachings. We champion an environment that is safe, caring, and educational—where every family is valued, and community ties are strengthened.


Meet Your Child's Compassionate Educators

Our team of highly qualified educators is the backbone of Djinda Dreaming. Each member brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of dedication to your child’s care and education. With ongoing professional development and a passion for inclusive teaching, our staff are the custodians of your child’s journey, ensuring a stable, consistent, and enriching experience every day.

Our Team Meet Your Child's Compassionate Educators


Building Strong Foundations Together

The fabric of Djinda Dreaming is woven with the threads of community spirit. Our centres are more than educational spaces; they are hubs of family support and cultural understanding. We collaborate closely with local groups and engage families to foster a sense of belonging, ensuring that our impact goes beyond the walls of our centres, into the heart of every home.

Our Community Building Strong Foundations Together


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Why Choose Djinda Dreaming

We’re not just a childcare service; we’re a cornerstone of community and cultural understanding.

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Embarking on your childcare adventure with us is seamless. From your first enquiry to the day you join our family, we ensure every step is clear, comfortable, and comprehensive. Book a tour to witness the unique Djinda Dreaming spirit, take part in our Play Day Trials, and become a part of our ever-growing community.

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